Balance crucial for Avon multisport gymnasts Alyssa Chonko, Ally Rennette and Maddie Geiger

Paul Heyse
The Chronicle-Telegram


Finding high school gymnasts can be tough. While schools such as Avon have plenty of candidates with private club experience, it can still be difficult to fill out an entire lineup

Fortunately for the Eagles, they have a group of multisport athletes ready to help.

Senior Alyssa Chonko, junior Ally Rennette and freshman Maddie Geiger are three key team members on the gymnastics team who also play other sports.

Chonko juggles gymnastics with diving for the varsity swimming and diving team, while Rennette competes in indoor track. The team’s No. 1 all-around athlete, Geiger, probably spends the most time in the gym, training some 20 hours per week. She also run track in the spring.

“For diving we practice at Oberlin College Monday through Friday,” Chonko said. “For gymnastics, we practice Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. I miss one gymnastics practice to go to diving and I miss one diving practice to go to gymnastics practice. With diving and gymnastics they’re kind of related because you’re doing flipping in both, so it kind of helps to do both. It makes me a stronger athlete.”

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