Letters of inspiration: Fourth-grader Grady Dominick sends notes, meets favorite Avon players

Mike Perry
The Chronicle-Telegram

Fourth-grader Grady Dominick wanted to touch base with and praise his favorite high school football players.

He ended up inspiring them.

It started with a simple note to Avon senior running back Desmond Kelley, a note written in the early morning hours while Dominick waited for the school bus to take him to Heritage Elementary School. He wrote the note with the intention of giving it, along with a bead necklace, to his school’s custodian, Chuck Cummings, to deliver to Kelley at practice.

“He gets on a pretty early bus so it’s normally just Grady and I up in the morning,” said Grady’s mother, Karissa Dominick. “One morning when he was heading downstairs I saw that he had something in his hand, and I could tell he was trying to hide it from me.

“I asked him what he had and after a couple of minutes he told me he had a note to give to ‘Mr. Chuck.’ He’s one of the custodians, but I assume he helps out with the team because he’s on the sidelines during the games.

“I helped him put it in an envelope because he had also made Desmond a black beaded necklace he stuck in with the note. He took the note to Mr. Chuck, and he gave it to Desmond before the Highland game.”

Cummings has been Avon’s “get back” sidelines coach for 14 years. He is responsible for making sure the players on the sidelines do not venture too close to the field during the game.

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