Avon Middle School

3445 Long Road

Avon, Ohio 44011


Principal: Craig Koehler

Assistant Principal: Brent Betts

Athletic Director: Scott Lanham

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2017 Middle School Football

“No Excuses!”

Summer Calendar 2017

Middle School Camp Form

(Grade 7-8)

This calendar shows our football schedule and important dates for the 2017 football season. Dirty Dozen workouts are strongly encouraged but not required.  Strength, speed, agility, and quickness training will be developed during these workout sessions. Players who make 12 out of 18 workouts will be given a helmet sticker and T-Shirt signifying membership in the prestigious dirty dozen club. Players participating in the skill specific football camp will be given dirty dozen credit for each day of camp they attend.  The Skills Camp is a great opportunity to be coached at your positions by the Varsity Football Coaches.


Four days of TEAM CAMP have been scheduled and players need to realize that this is football practice. We will begin to install our offense and defense for the upcoming season during these camp days. The middle school will be running the same offensive and defensive schemes as the freshman, junior varsity and varsity program. Absences by any team member will adversely affect our team’s success in 2017!


The goal of the M.S. program is to successfully prepare ALL of our players to join the High School program. The 2017 season will bring a challenging schedule.  If we are to be successful we must put the TEAM before individual accomplishment. You are part of a ELITE program that is well respected throughout the state. It is your job to appreciate Avon’s past football tradition and build on it. If you can follow the simple formula: Hit, Hustle, Know your Assignment, and Care about your teammates, I have no doubt that “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions”  If you have any questions 8th graders contact Coach Matuszak (matuszakk@avoneagles.org) , and 7th graders contact Coach Fishleigh (fishleighb@avoneagles.org)   

Yours in football,

Coach Elder


Important Dates:

June 2nd    Money Due (TEAM CAMP & Skill Specific Camp) (Registration info can be found on the Athletic Website)

July 10th – 13th Skill Specific Camp w/ Varsity Coaches (10:00-12:00)

July 24th   Mandatory Parent Meeting @ Stadium  (7:30PM-8:30PM)

July 24th – 27th       Team Camp @ Middle School (6:00-8:00PM)

July  31st     First Day of Practice


Avon Middle School Cross Country Summer Calendars

August Calendar

NOTE: No practice the week of JUNE 26th

Welcome to another exciting year of Avon Middle School cross country! After a very successful season in 2016, we are looking forward to another fun year of running with the Avon Eagles! Following this page will be the summer calendar for team workouts and practices.  The common theme for the summer is working out as a team two days a week either in the morning at 9-10:15 or in the evening from 6-7:15.  All athletes should at least be running up to five days a week and six days a week maximum.  By following this training regimen student athletes will get the required amount of cardio exercise to be successful in the upcoming competition season.  Additionally, it is very important that the student athletes are being properly hydrated in these hot summer months and to be very careful when the days are too hot to run outside!


To help your student athlete with running and learning how to pace, we please ask if each student invest in a standard running watch.  Watches will be crucial throughout the year during workouts and easy runs so they can keep a time on how long they’ve been running.  Additionally, student athletes will want to know immediately after racing how their time was so having a watch on during races will help that process.  Watches can be found very inexpensively at local retail stores (no need for Nike+ watches or Garmin Forerunners).


Quality shoes are also very important for your student athlete as they will prevent most injuries that may occur throughout the season.  One thing that I strongly encourage most people that participate in running is going to Second Sole in Rocky River or Fleet Feet in Westlake and getting your foot examined for what shoe your child needs.  Due to runners having varying types of feet, all runners will have specific shoe needs that can be addressed this way.  Having quality shoes that appropriately fit your foot will only lead to positive and healthy results!  Even though shoes at specialty locations can be more expensive, you can also find them online and you will save money in the long run by not having injuries!


Just like in other sports, cross country has the opportunity for sports camps for your student athlete to attend.  One great camp that I strongly urge your student athlete to attend is the Lorain County Community College Running Camp which is held at LCCC.  There was a very good turnout of Avon Middle School student athletes at the camp last year and it was very successful and fun.  Any information on this running camp can be found at the following link or you can contact the camp director and present LCCC cross country coach Jim Powers at jpowers@lorainccc.edu. This camp is also not mandatory for attendance but student athletes will learn valuable information and will meet other runners from around the area!




To supplement your student athletes’ training, one fun way is to race! In Northeast Ohio, we are blessed to be in an area with ample opportunities to push yourself in a variety of different road races.  One race in particular, the Classic at Mastick, which is held in August, will once again be the team’s official time trial run.  Even though the standard middle school distance is only two miles, this race is great for pushing your student athlete as well as seeing the progress that you have made over the summer! We will use this race as a benchmark as we get into the competitive part of the cross country season.  It would be recommended that the student athlete competes in at least one other road road over the course of the summer with the race not being longer than a 5K.  A list of potential road races can be found at Hermes Road Racing and the following link.



We are looking forward to having a great season with your student athlete being a part of this great team.  In order to ensure maximum participation, each student athlete needs to have their parent complete the Emergency Medical Form (EMF), Concussion Form and must have completed a sports physical with your family doctor before the first day of practice on August 1st.  If these forms are not turned in and completed before the first practice, the student athlete cannot practice! Additionally, please write your email on the top of the EMF form! By completing these tasks as early as possible, the student athlete can partake in all team activities. Additionally, please let the coaching staff know if your student athlete and family is going on any vacations or if they are not going to be able to attend practice sessions.  It is strongly encouraged that all student athletes attend practices to promote team chemistry and to better physical fitness, however we understand that families go on vacations throughout the summer vacation months.  With this in mind, communication is very important, if you have any questions throughout the course of the season or have any comments that you have, I can be contacted at my personal email at kvachtj@gmail.com.  


I look forward to meeting with you and your student athlete and it’s going to be a great year of Avon Middle School Country!


Coach Tyler Kvach




Football games are played at Joe Firment Stadium at the Avon Early Learning Center (3075 Stoney Ridge Road) and Volleyball matches are played at Avon Middle School


8th Grade Football: Ken Matuszak  Mark Porter

7th Grade Football: Bill Fishleigh

Cross Country: Tyler Kvach  Megan Baeder

8th Grade Volleyball: Gina Kelly   Stephanie Reichert

7th Grade Volleyball: Morgan Gaines   Holly Clark

Winter Sports


Basketball games and Wrestling matches are played at Avon Middle School


Boys Basketball: Kevin Sapara

Girls Basketball: Megan Larrick

Wrestling: Joe Mauser

Spring Sports

Track and Field events are at Joe Firment Stadium.  Softball games are played at Veterans Memorial Park (3701 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Avon, OH 44011)


Track and Field: Ben Cable and Greg Rowe

8th Grade Softball: Angi Demsey