The traditional high school setting is not necessarily a good fit for all students. With multiple learning styles and varying interests, some students benefit from a vocational setting that focuses more directly on technical skills and career pathways. The Lorain County Joint Vocational School (JVS) provides career-technical training for high school students in our county. Thanks to the many specialized programs offered, students are gaining technical skills on the leading edge of numerous occupations. JVS has been recognized as one of the finest career-technical facilities in the state of Ohio, offering some of the most outstanding, nationally accredited career development programs in our region.


Established in 1971, the Lorain County Joint Vocational School serves about 1,000 students on a 100-acre campus at the corners of Route 58 and Route 20 in Oberlin. It is one of the largest career-technical facilities in the state of Ohio, serving 13 Lorain County school districts including the Avon Local School District. Avon students who attend JVS are still Avon High School students who are enrolled in JVS and taking coursework on the Oberlin campus.
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At JVS, high school students can explore career options through a wide range of exciting career-technical programs, such as Building Trades, Business & Marketing, Culinary, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Pre-Engineering, Transportation, and Service. The two-year Career-Technical Programs include the following:
  • Auto Technology                          Bakery & Pastry Arts                                Carpentry        
  • Collision Repair                           Commercial Truck Technology                  Computerized Design & Drafting       
  • Cosmetology                                Culinary Arts                                             Digital Media Arts
  • Early Childhood Education           Heating & Air Conditioning                       Industrial Electricity
  • Industrial Equip. Mechanics         Landscaping & Greenhouse Mgmt.          Marketing & Management
  • Masonry Trades                           Network Communications Tech.               Precision Machine Technology
  • Lead the Way / Engineering         Public Safety                                             Sports, Health, & Fitness
  • Web & Graphic Design                 Welding & Fabrication


Eighth graders may wish to consider the freshman-year JVS Career Readiness Program, which places enrolled students in structured lab settings to help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary for acceptance into the school's career-technical programs as juniors and seniors. Students spend four quarters in the Career Readiness, where they they rotate modules and obtain a variety of skills that will help them focus on a successful career choice.
Highlights of the Career Readiness Program include the following:
  • gaining a working knowledge of hand tools, computers, and power equipment
  • experiencing a lab atmosphere that concentrates on individual and team accomplishments
  • having the opportunity to work in a hands-on environment
  • becoming familiar with safety procedures in all laboratory situations
  • being involved in Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) activities
  • earning up to three credits for labs and four credits for academic classes (seven credits total)
Upon completion of the freshmen Career Readiness Program, students can choose to (1) continue their studies and experiences at JVS by enrolling in the sophomore Career Exploration Program or (2) return to their home school to finish high school. For more information on Career Readiness, please click here.


Upon the successful completion of the Career Readiness Program, students can enter their sophomore year in the JVS Career Exploration Program, which rotates students through four different career-technical labs (spending up to nine-weeks in each). Career Exploration students may also be placed in a structured lab setting to help them develop skills and gain the knowledge necessary for placement in the school's career-technical labs. For more information on the Career Exploration, please click here.


Students in Grade Eight are encouraged to consult with their parents and guidance counselor if they are interested in attending JVS. To enroll in the freshmen Career Readiness Program, students need to meet these requirements:
  • Freshmen in the fall, following the Grade Eight year
  • Have zero to three earned high school credits
  • Submit a recommendation from AMS guidance counselor (contact AMS Student Services)
  • Complete and submit the on-line general application form (see below)


To complete the on-line general application form for the Career Readiness Program (Grade 9), please click here. Once the application is submitted on-line, it is advised that that student also print the application and take that copy to their AMS counselor. Due to the high interest for this program, students are advised to apply as soon as possible. Seats are limited with possible waiting lists.


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