Academic Achievement

Students earning academic honors are recognized at school at the end of the marking periods or quarters by the following achievement criteria:
        High Honor Roll -- Grade Point Average of 4.00 (with no D or F grades)
        Honor Roll -- Grade Point Average of 3.50 - 3.99 (with no D or F grades)
        Merit Roll -- Grade Point Average of 3.00 - 3.49 (with no D or F grades) 
Rosters of students achieving these honors are posted in the AMS Commons. The AMS Boosters supports this recognition by providing tangible rewards (i.e. coupons for ice cream or candy) for students receiving either High Honor Roll or Honor Roll recognition.

Students of the Month

Each month the staff members of Avon Middle School nominate and select students from each grade level to be Students of the Month. These students are recognized and showcased at school as role models and exemplary students.
Students of the Month demonstrate the following character qualities, accomplishments, and contributions: (1) exemplary citizenship, (2) positive attitude toward learning, (3) academic diligence in the classroom, (4) service to others, and (5) involvement in school clubs, organizations, events, and activities.

GOTCHA Program

The AMS Boosters members sponsor and support the GOTCHA Award that identifies and recognizes students for one or more of the following: (1) displaying a positive behavior and attitude, (2) showing significant improvement in academic performance, and (3) demonstrating observed random acts of courtesy and kindness.
The GOTCHA program reflects and supports the 40 Developmental Assets monthly themes which include Constructive Use of Time, Decision Making, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Fairness, Trustworthiness, Positive Identity, Citizenship, Empowerment, and Support. 

Celebrate Eight!

Celebrate Eight! is a special school-day assembly for eighth grade students and their teachers to recognized eighth graders for their accomplishments and service in the school and community, while featureing grade-level performing arts groups. Categories for specific recognition include (but are not limited to) the following:
Academic Honor Awards: The Academic Honor Awards are special academic recognition given to students who have met the following criteria for the first three marking periods:
        High Academic Honors -- Grade Point Average of 4.00 (with no D or F grades)
        Highest Academic Honors -- Grade Point Average of 3.70 - 3.99 (with no D or F grades)
Excellent Attendance: The student has earned a perfect attendance record by having no days or parts of days absent or tardy (excused or unexcused) for the first three marking periods and a portion of the fourth.
Service and Achievement: Students and groups will be recognized for their scholastic accomplishments and achievements throughout the year.

Scholastic Goals 

In order to challenge the students to do their best in academics, attitude, and attendance, AMS has established five Quarterly Student Goals for the student body. The following are target goals for the nine-week marking periods:
        Attendance -- Daily attendance will be higher than 95% on average.
        Tardiness -- Daily tardies will be no more than 2% on averange.
        Academics -- Students earning one of the three Honor Roll categories will be 70% or higher/
        Citizenship -- Students not receiving failing grades or office discipline referrals will be 80% or higher.
        Low Grades -- Total failing grades will be less than 3%.