ImPact Concussion Testing Information

Instructions for Taking the ImPACT Test

(Use a computer with a hand held mouse/Track Pad and Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer)

ImPACT cannot be administrated using an IPad/Phone of any kind!!

  1. Open one of the above listed internet browsers
  • Make sure you turn off pop-up blocker under Tools

2.Go to

3. Enter Code: HFNXMNPCXF

  • Avon High School Should Appear after clicking Validate
  • Click “Launch Baseline Test”
  • Click “English” then follow prompts and answer questions.
  • Follow the rest of the prompts, answering all questions HONESTLY and trying your best at the test.  
  • When the test is complete and you get to the page that says “Print Confirmation,” click the X in the upper right corner to close the test.  You do not need to print confirmation. 

Test Tips

  • If you are connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi it must be a consistent connection.  Any interruption in connection will cause a fail.
  •  Work quickly, but accurately.  Do your best. Do not take breaks or step away from the test.  The test is not able to be paused or saved at any point.   
  • Turn OFF all Cell phones prior to test. No phones in sight or on vibrate!
  • Make sure no other applications are open on the computer other than ImPACT.
  • When it asks for number of years of education completed, freshmen will answer 8, sophomores 9, juniors 10, and seniors 11.
  • Current level of participation will be “high school”
  • Years of experience at this level will be 0 for freshmen, 1 for sophomore if they played as a freshman, 2 for a junior who played their freshman and sophomore years, etc.
  • When it asks for current symptoms, 1 will be least severe and 6 is greatest. If you feel normal you should put “not experiencing.”

About ImPACT

ImPACT is a 20-30 minute computer test developed to help sports-medicine clinicians evaluate multiple aspects of neurocognitive functioning following concussion.  You are taking a baseline test. In the event you suffer a head injury, we may use this as a tool in deciding when it is safe for you to return to your sport.@avoneagles

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