From time to time the Guidance Counselors in Student Services visit various classrooms for the purposes of presenting topics relevant for students, such as effective decision making, building and maintaining positive relationships, managing conflict, career exploration, student scheduling, and so on.
Monthly, the Guidance Counselors visit sixth graders in "wheel classes" (i.e. Art, Health, Computer Applications, and Physical Education) for the purposes of presenting a variety of topics. These presentations aim to promote student growth and development in the areas of (1) social and emotional health, (2) academic success, and (3) career planning.
The Guidance Counselors look forward to engaging with all of our sixth grade students this year and hope for productive interactions and collaborative learning experiences.
Upcoming Monthly Topics:
  • September:  Introductions and Teamwork
  • October:  Anti-Bullying and the Bystander Effect
  • November:  Self-Awareness and Managing Emotions
  • December:  Career Awareness and Development
  • January:  Drugs and Alcohol Addiction
  • February:  Texting and Social Media Dangers
  • March:  Self-Esteem and Positive Identity
  • April:  No presentations due to annual standardized testing
  • May:  "Letters to Self" and Concluding Items

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