Personal Anthem...

Do you have a Personal Anthem?

headphonesDo you have a personal anthem? A song that gets you ready to face a challenge, feel proud of who you are, or helps you feel motivated? I recently with a group of students and we discussed the topic of "self confidence." We discussed the importance of music and how it can help to turn your "day around".

Here are some personal anthems my students discussed:

Brave by Sara Bareillos (the video is also definitely worth checking out!)
Happy by Pharrell Williams
Let It Go with Indina Menzel
First Time In Forever with Kristen Bell
Roar by Katy Perry
Best Day of My Life by American Authors
Pompeii by Bastille
Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

It was so much fun to listen to music and I think everyone left in a better mood. Enjoy!!