A C A D E M I C    T U T O R I N G


Considering a Tutor?  If your child is struggling academically or is in need of skills reinforcement and remedial intervention, then you may wish to consider an academic tutor outside of the school day. Tutoring can provide your child with many benefits, such as the following:
  • Tutoring can assist your child with current assignments and study skills.
  • Tutoring can enhance your child's understanding of concepts and content.
  • Tutoring can increase your child's self-confidence in scholastic pursuits.
  • Tutoring can provide pacing with classroom expectations.
  • Tutoring can help keep close accounts of your child's academic progress.
Contacting a Tutor?  If you are interested in having your child tutored, please call or e-mail your child's Guidance Counselor who can assist you in contacting an academic tutor. Note: the school no longer lists tutors' telephone numbers on this web site.
  • Students with last names A - K:  Mrs. Enourato at (440) 934-3800 (ext. 5012) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Students with last names L - Z:  Mrs. Speicher at (440) 934-3800 (ext. 5011) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All academic tutoring arrangements for (1) scheduling days, times, and locations (e.g., public libraries), and for (2) matters of compensation for tutoring sessions are strictly between the mutual agreement of the parent(s) and the tutor. The Avon Local School District is not directly involved with any tutoring scheduling or arrangements.
Continuing with Tutoring?  Summer break is about three months away from a structured, academic setting. If your child faces challenges in his or her studies, and if you wish to “keep up the academic pace” with your child during the long summer, then summer tutoring may be the answer you are seeking. Summer tutoring can build confidence in scholastic performance as well as help your child prepare for the academic opportunities and expectations, of the upcoming school year.


     A Grade Ahead of Avon:  (440) 864-7770
     Mathnasium of Avon:  (440) 214-2997
     Sylvan Learning Center:  (440) 835-5050
     Tutor Doctor Services:  (440) 328-4166
     Westside Tutoring & Testing Services:  (216) 712-7004

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